Marble Granite Processing Plant

Abstract: Marble Granite Processing Plant basic flotation -based, single- sulfide Marble Granite flotation process is generally relatively simple, only grinding – the flotation structure is different and complex sulphide Marble Granite, here is a : section grinding – flotation – rougher concentrate regrinding.

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Factors Affecting Marble Granite Processing Plant recoveries are mainly mineral composition of the ore, how much mineral particle size, structure, useful and harmful components of its occurrence, and the degree of oxidation, and the percentage of various mineral Processing process, the ore the level of equipment and so on. Here are some effective ways to improve the recovery of Marble Granite Processing Plant.

How To Improve The Recovery Of Marble Granite Processing Plant

  • 1. Improved Processing Process

    With the improvement and development of mineral processing technology, Marble Granite Processing Plant Manufacturer rougher concentrate can be mixed concentrate, middling regrinding technology good selection of selective flotation reagent and other measures to stabilize the copper concentrate grade of 20% or more, while the recovery of copper is maintained at a high level.

  • 2. Attention Comprehensive Recovery Of Valuable Minerals

    Development of processing technology also makes Marble Granite CCP Associated comprehensive recovery of valuable components to get attention, such as gold, silver, iron, sulfur, molybdenum and other elements of the recovery, especially recovery of gold and silver. Marble Granite Processing Plant Manufacturer of recycling these valuable minerals can improve the recovery of Marble Granite, while improving Marble Granite Processing Plant Manufacturer economic benefits.

  • 3. High-efficiency Flotation Machine

    Flotation machine is Marble Granite Processing Plant Manufacturer ‘s main sorting equipment, the country mainly by XCF/KYF Series Flotation Machine and BF Series Flotation Machine, efficient use of flotation machine can improve concentrate grade and recovery.

  • 4. Large-Scale Equipment

    Large-scale equipment is one of the main measures to improve the Marble Granite Processing Plant technical and economic indicators. Marble Granite Processing Plant Manufacturer opt for self-construction of large -scale equipment and adapt as much as possible, which is conducive to the production of automation and control, increase the recovery rate of Marble Granite, reduce energy consumption and costs, improve Marble Granite Processing Plant Manufacturer ‘s economy benefits.

  • 5. Improve The Automation Level Of Processing

    Marble Granite Processing Plant Manufacturer ore can be broken chain control system, mineral grinding system constant ratio of water to automatic control, flotation level control, slurry pH control, fluorescence -line analysis and computer monitor, control and automate the administration of intelligent computer measures the device, thereby improving the recovery Marble Granite Processing Plant.

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