Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill

Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill is improved on the basis of the traditional Raymond mill on the new generation of milling equipment, is the most commonly used industrial flour mill, which applies to all kinds of ore preparation, coal preparation, such as raw feed ore, gypsum ore, coal and other materials, powder processing. Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill mainly by the host, fineness analysis machine, blower, finished cyclone powder collector, bag filter and connecting duct components. According to user needs can be equipped with the crusher. Elevator, storage silo, electromagnetic vibrating feeder and electrical control cabinets and other supporting equipment. In Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill hosts, roller assembly by hanging on the cross arm shaft roller hanger, roller hanger with the spindle and turret fixed link shovel, pressure spring pressure in the outer end surface of the cantilever roller bearing chamber to cross arm shaft as a fulcrum to force the roller tightly pressed against the inner peripheral surface grinding ring, when rotated by the motor gear driven spindle, turret mounted on the shovel blade and roller synchronous rotation, Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill Meanwhile in the grinding ring roller rolling circle around its own axis of rotation. Motor gear driven by the impeller rotates, the higher the impeller speed, the finer the powder will of elected.

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Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill Works

When Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill work will be broken into large lumps barite feed size required, by the bucket elevator will barite transported to storage silos, and then sent by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder evenly Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill hosts the grinding room, into the grinding chamber barite is shovel blade being crushed between the grinding roller and grinding ring into the blower blowing air from the bypass tray grinding chamber, the crushing weight of powdered spar to Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill analysis room, after analysis by the governor motor driven impeller rotating sorting through gear, barite powder large particles fall back grinding room, re- grinding, qualified fine powder barite finished with the air entering the cyclone powder collector, after the separation with air discharged from the discharge port of the finished product. Host course of their work, Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill ‘s blade system plays a very important role. Which is located in the lower roller, roller blade and turn the course of the same material is fed between shoveling throwing ring roll mill to form a litter layer, the material layer by Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill roller squeeze outward rotation barite crushing pressure, so as to achieve the target production of barite powder.

Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill Six Characteristics

  • 1. Compared with other mills, in the same dynamic conditions, Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill yield can be increased 10-20 %, the material of the roller 800-1200kg grinding pressure increase in the pressure spring.
  • 2. 9.3 Class of mineral materials can be processed crushed.
  • 3. Wide range of product size, particle size of the rough up mm ( 30 mesh ) particle size generally up to 0.033 mm ( 425 mesh ), a small part of the finest materials can reach 0.013 mm ( 1000 mesh ).
  • 4. Effect of dust Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill fully meet the national dust emission standards.
  • 5. Analysis machine easy to adjust.
  • 6. Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill grinding apparatus overlapping multi -stage sealing, good sealing performance.

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