Quick Lime Vertical Mill

Quick Lime Vertical Mill Structure

During the Lead Ore Production Process, Quick Lime Vertical Mill is the main equipment, which is installed in three roller frame itself under pressure rollers, driven by the disc rotation around the Lead Ore powdered material extruded into the desired and hot air drying, after installing Quick Lime Vertical Mill in the upper part of the separator filter, output to meet the requirements of the powder. Quick Lime Vertical Mill entire structure including hydraulics, roller lubrication equipment, gear lubrication device, sealing fan, Quick Lime Vertical Mill sprinklers, rotary lock valve, vibrating feeder, vertical mill separator device, grinding primary motor, main gear grinding machines, the main motor lubrication oil station, Scum bucket.

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Quick Lime Vertical Mill Working Principle

During the Lead Ore Production Process, Understanding Quick Lime Vertical Mill works to help the user during use, and proper operation, improve work efficiency. Quick Lime Vertical Mill production principle as follows: after crushing Lead Ore material from the feed port to the Quick Lime Vertical Mill disc.

Quick Lime Vertical Mill Feature

Quick Lime Vertical Mill production line in the application, the operating process is simple, preheating, grinding, improve integration, process short, small footprint. Strong self-protection of the device, mainly due Quick Lime Vertical Mill is equipped with gear lubrication oil station, hydraulic station, roller lubrication, sprinklers and other auxiliary facilities. Regulating the use of static and dynamic classifiers product quality, so that the device has a higher grinding efficiency, each time, high yield, low energy consumption, less maintenance, less wear and tear parts, ease of maintenance, is the first choice of grinding Lead Ore Production Process powder equipment.

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