Putty Powder Vertical Mill

Along with financial improvement of China and raise of industrialization level, deep processing of ores develops further and ore powder sector rises quickly. The primary gear for ore grinding is Putty Powder Vertical Mill. Yield of Putty Powder Vertical Mill is primarily impacted by granularity of completed product, hardness, humidity, composition and viscosity of Dolomite. Only by far better understanding the influencing aspects can we preserve higher yield of powder grinding equipment. Subsequent, experts of SBM will clarify each influencing components of yield of Putty Powder Vertical Mill.

Customer's Background:

1. Granularity of finished products

The higher the material fineness of Putty Powder Vertical Mill is, the smaller sized the grinding capacity of Putty Powder Vertical Mill is. In line with distinct grinding fineness, we really should opt for suitable Putty Powder Vertical Mill so as to achieve the optimal production. Ultrafine Putty Powder Vertical Mill of SBM can reach higher fineness. Finest Fineness of finished items of medium-speed micro powder mill can reach 3250 mesh.

2. Hardness of Dolomite

Harder Dolomite are surely tougher to grind for Putty Powder Vertical Mill. The tougher the Dolomite is, the more critical the abrasion of gear is. Putty Powder Vertical Mills with smaller grinding capacity is just not suitable for grinding Dolomite, for instance Raymond mill. We recommend that usually do not use Raymond mill to grind Dolomite, thus minimizing unnecessary losses brought on by overload operation of Raymond mill.

3. Humidity of Dolomite

If the Dolomite to be ground contain large moisture, they may be very easily adhered to inner wall of Putty Powder Vertical Mill and clogged within the conveying approach. Under the situation of equal wind force, qualified Dolomite are tough to be separated, hence lowering grinding capacity of Putty Powder Vertical Mill.

4. Viscosity of Dolomite

Dolomite with higher viscosity are less difficult to adhere to grinding machine. The higher the viscosity is, the smaller the yield of Putty Powder Vertical Mill is. Meanwhile, high viscosity easily impacts service life of grinding machine.

5. Composition of Dolomite

If the Dolomite to become ground contain as well a lot powder, it will inevitably have an effect on grinding impact of mills. Since these fine powder simply adheres and impact Dolomite conveying. For Dolomite with higher fine powder content, we recommend that prospects should firstly use vibrating screen to screen the Dolomite before powder grinding.

After having understood the elements influencing yield of Putty Powder Vertical Mill, we think which you will much more fully grasp right use of Putty Powder Vertical Mill. As long as you pay extra focus to production, keeping high yield of Putty Powder Vertical Mill is no longer an issue. SBM is often a qualified manufacturer of Putty Powder Vertical Mills, we’ve got diversified Putty Powder Vertical Mills, such as Raymond mill, vertical mil, high stress roller mil and medium-speed micro powder mill, which match for different needs of hardness. Welcome to check out our corporation, we are going to propose by far the most suitable grinding gear for you personally in line with your specifications.

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