Leaching Quartz Process Line

Leaching Quartz Process Line

Basalt is a hard and tough, and higher silicon content of the material, are more difficult to break in the actual crushing operations, the high cost of broken material. Thus, for Leaching Quartz Process Line must be designed in consideration of the investment cost Leaching Quartz Process Line at the same time, we must consider Leaching Quartz Process Line production costs. Basalt sand operations, the loss of jaw plate, plate hammer, impact plate and other wear parts is very high. Therefore, Leaching Quartz Process Line design process as much as possible the principles of selection laminated sand Leaching Quartz Process Line, in order to reduce the loss of wear parts. A typical laminated Leaching Quartz Process Line configuration is two broken jaw or broken jaw plus cone crusher technology configurations. If the customer on the final basalt stone grain type have higher requirements, you can then configure a back-breaking integral-broken, thus forming a three-stage crushing Leaching Quartz Process Line configuration. Three-stage crushing will inevitably lead to higher investment costs of the project, but for long-term operation of basalt stones factory, three-stage crushing to reduce the production cost is very considerable. This is more difficult to like basalt stone crushing raw materials can also be used broken jaw plus the two back-breaking broken Leaching Quartz Process Line. However, this will inevitably lead to loss of back-breaking high of plate hammer, hammer a shorter life expectancy, higher proportion of anti-material issues such as these deserve manufacturers and customers attention.

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Leaching Quartz Process Line Feature

Our experts dedicated to the Leaching Quartz Process Line technology research and innovation through technological innovation after Leaching Quartz Process Line, flakiness content reduced to 4.8%, and alone crusher crushing as the final step Leaching Quartz Process Line compared to 30-35% increase in production, due to increased fragmentation shaping process, increasing the crushing ratio and processing capacity, so that production increased dramatically. Compared with the direct use of Leaching Quartz Process Line gravel processing procedures, each Leaching Quartz Process Line wear parts wear reducing 25%; due to the cone crusher or impact crusher for secondary crushing use, and efficient vertical shaft impact crusher few metal consumption, and therefore, the entire Leaching Quartz Process Line process, consumable consumption has reduced significantly.

Leaching Quartz Process Line Application

Special construction field Leaching Quartz Process Line processing can be used to produce material surface freeway, highway gravel road, high-speed railway passenger line of aggregate, sand stone basalt station, port and airport runways with broken basalt stone, etc. . Leaching Quartz Process Line applicable quality basalt rocks, diabase, granite, marble, pebbles, andesite, limestone and other hard, medium-hard rock.

Leaching Quartz Process Line Installation

  • 1. Before installation must count the number of parts. Damage various parts of the inspection and removal of the machined surface of the thread caused by the material handling, packaging and removal of the protecting coating on the machined surface coatings and the like in the dust and dirt falling behind the handling.
  • 2. The installation should be coated with dry oil at a fixed contact surface, the active surface coated with thin oil.
  • 3. To base from damage, on the basis of the upper guard must cover.
  • 4. In order to avoid the accumulation of ore crushed, lower base must have enough space, the installation transportation Leaching Quartz Process Line.
  • 5. Leaching Quartz Process Line must be installed on a solid concrete foundation, based on the depth of the user can decide according to local geological conditions.
  • 6. Leaching Quartz Process Line installation should pay attention when the motor pulley and Leaching Quartz Process Line pulley on the positive, and adjusted to the proper tension. Work, as far as possible to ensure the Leaching Quartz Process Line work in a dry environment to avoid the erosion of rain and sand on the motor. In addition, to ensure the safety of staff, but also for the Leaching Quartz Process Line installation of protective cover, overload protection and other facilities.
  • 7. In everyday use, you should always check the tightness of all fasteners, wear and lubrication of the parts regularly Leaching Quartz Process Line replacement maintenance and lubrication to ensure the normal operation of Leaching Quartz Process Line.

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