Mica Powder Making Machine

Working Principle of Mica Powder Making Machine

Mica Powder Making Machine specific process is as follows: a motor gear driven by the rotating disc, the material from the feed port Mica Powder Making Machine fall to the central disc, the disc moves to the edge of the centrifugal force by the rolling mill rolls, after pulverization material leaving the disc, with the upward air flow at high speed to the one of the Mica Powder Making Machine separator, the coarse separator is returned to via the disc, re- grinding; powder with the air out of the mill, the dust collecting apparatus of the system collection down, that is the product. In Mica Powder Making Machine material through pneumatic conveying, require larger air flow, which can use waste heat gases while drying the grinding operation.

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Maintenance of Mica Powder Making Machine

Extensive use of Mica Powder Making Machine requires users to master the conventional Mica Powder Making Machine maintenance measures to ensure its proper use and prolong life. First, make sure the feed evenly. Hard appropriately selected depending on the material of the particle size, typically, the harder the material the diameter of 3 cm or less is preferable. Secondly, put the piece of metal is prohibited Mica Powder Making Machine. If necessary, prior to the installation of separator material into the mill, in order to avoid falling into the metal material damage related spare parts in the Mica Powder Making Machine. Again, it is timely replacement of wearing parts. Maintenance overhaul, chassis can open the activity, the timely replacement of wearing parts; plate moving before driving the spindle must check whether the abnormal sound inside the machine and found that the problem should be handled. Finally, the maintenance checks roll kit bearing. Especially when replacing Mica Powder Making Machine roller, the need for each of the rolling bearing roller cleaning kit, and timely replacement of damaged parts.

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