Rubble Crushers For Sale

Rubble Basic Introduction

Rubble is a natural gypsum, gypsum and place mainly Rubble raw materials and a variety of inorganic materials meet together. Has a lightweight, high strength, fire insulation, noise insulation, sawing erodible, crushing rate, ease of installation, construction workers fast, free wall height restrictions, reduce labor intensity and reduce the characteristics of wet operations.

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Rubble Application Range

In the building to do, Rubble can reduce the weight of buildings, save steel, cement, plus the use of wall space, reduce project cost and improve the level of building things up. Rubble is environmentally friendly product, no harmful elements are present, and have respiratory function, adjust the indoor temperature, can enhance the body’s immune function. Rubble is clay alternative products, the promotion of national brick products, is today the world’s best new building.

Rubble Production Line

Rubble production of raw materials is a natural gypsum ore, so Rubble and plaster production processes like the production process. Rubble production process is as follows: Gypsum ore – feeder – Jaw Crusher – Bucket Elevator – raw materials warehouse – mill – Bucket Elevator – roaster – bucket elevator – conveyors – clinker cooling warehouse, storage – finished. Where the crushing aspects particularly critical.

Rubble Crushers For Sale

Big block Rubble is crusher crushing of raw materials to the required feed size, by the bucket elevator will Rubble raw materials delivered to the storage silo, and then sent to the host Raymond evenly by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder the crushing chamber, into the crushing chamber Rubble is shovel blade material is crushed between entering Raymond roller and crushing ring, blower air blown into the crushing chamber from the bypass tray, the crushed powder to the analysis chamber after sorting by speed motor is rotated by a drive means for analyzing the impeller, large particles fall back to the raw materials Rubble Rubble Crushers For Sale room, reground, qualified fine gypsum powder with the airflow into the finished product cyclone powder collector, and air after separation, the finished product is discharged from the discharge port. Host operation, the blade system has played a very important role. Raymond blade system is located in the lower end of the roller, the roller blade and turn the course of the same raw material scooped the Rubble between crushing and polishing the feed roller ring, forming a litter layer, the material layer produced by the rotation of the roller outward pressure Rubble squeeze raw crushed, so as to achieve the purpose of the system of gypsum powder.

Rubble Crushers For Sale For Sale

Our Rubble Crushers For Sale is in the use of advanced structure of similar products at home and abroad, designed to improve and update the industry on the basis of the Rubble Crushers For Sale, especially for Rubble processing and production. Our Rubble Crushers For Sale efficiency than the average high and low power consumption, small footprint, a small one-time investment. Rubble Crushers For Sale roll under the centrifugal force of tightly compacted in the crushing ring, so when the roller, crushing ring wear to a certain thickness does not affect the yield and fineness of the finished product. Raymond roller, crushing ring replacement cycle is long, thus excluding the mill wear parts replacement cycle short ills. Raymond is a winnowing fan airflow – mill shell – cyclone – within the fan circulating the job, so less than the high-speed centrifugal mill dust, operating workshop clean, environmental pollution.

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