Dry Mortar Production Line

South Africa Gold Making Plant

Common Gold production line in South Africa generally consists of vibrating feeder, primary crusher (jaw broken), Sec broken (back-breaking or crushing machine), Gold, belt conveyors, circular vibrating screen and other equipment, but there are some in South Africa Gold production line will be equipped with Dry Mortar Production Line, mainly in order to collect the finished product to the gravel or Gold processing, thereby facilitating sales.

Customer's Background:

Whether you need to configure South Africa Dry Mortar Production Line?

Apart from the river, sea, Gold must be configured to collect Dry Mortar Production Line, acquired from the greatest degree Gold production line profit perspective, Gold production line is configured Dry Mortar Production Line is usually considered from the following aspects:

  • 1, Gold washing water is essential, that the production line is to be built in from the water close to the place, it is best to take the rivers, lakes and other natural water sources to wash the Gold, in order to reduce investment costs.
  • 2, under normal circumstances, vibrating screening equipment in addition to already have a certain amount of soil function without with South Africa Dry Mortar Production Line, but higher if the degree of aggregate cleanliness requirements, often need to be equipped spiral Dry Mortar Production Line or wheel bucket Dry Mortar Production Line.
  • 3, the higher environmental protection requirements in some areas, Gold production line must be equipped with dust noise reduction device, also often require Gold production line with South Africa Dry Mortar Production Line, in order to reduce dust pollution.

Most Common South Africa Dry Mortar Production Line

Common in South Africa Dry Mortar Production Line is a spiral Dry Mortar Production Line and bucket wheel Dry Mortar Production Line, South Africa Dry Mortar Production Line both have their own advantages, but they are used to wash Gold in the soil, dust, etc., to clean Gold The purpose of the specific choice of wash Gold confidential depending on the circumstances. In addition, the desalination Gold or other Gold, river Gold collected will be used often spun recovery.

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