Carbon Black Raymond Mill

Carbon Black Raymond Mill Available

Combined with the latest technology in Taiwan and Germany roller separator technology sebang machine based on the common vertical milling machine on, relying on years of mill production experience, independent design and development LUM Series Carbon Black Raymond Mill. It makes the time to complete the emergence of ultra-fine grinding, grading and transportation become a reality, has become the first choice for Grinding Machine industry, widely used in chemical, metallurgy, non-metallic mineral industries.

Customer's Background:

LUM Series Carbon Black Raymond Mill combines several advantages. First, it uses the material layer vertical milling machine grinding principle, to prevent over-grinding, ensure product whiteness. And the finished size of less than 2μm particle content up to 70%, and 325 mesh residue, which is also suitable for secondary sorted finer particle size of the finished product, to ensure the quality of the finished product. In addition, a specially designed curve grinding roller cover and liner can make a grinding mill to the desired fineness, greatly improving the grinding efficiency, its capacity is 3-6 times that of ordinary grinding mill.

Carbon Black Raymond Mill Breakthrough

LUM Series Carbon Black Raymond Mill superfine powder grinding and bull selection principle, which can save energy up to 30% ~ 50%. More use of PLC / DCS automatic control roller pressure control mode, the grinding pressure to get precise control, saving labor costs. In addition, green mining equipment is becoming the development direction of the machinery industry, the World State machine has been placed on the development of green products and core areas, LUM Series Carbon Black Raymond Mill sealed the overall system works under negative pressure, no dust spills, clean environment will change everyone crushing mill site dusty stereotype.

Carbon Black Raymond Mill for Sale

As a set of ultra-fine powder grinding, grading, transportation in one of the Grinding Machine industry professional equipment, LUM Series Carbon Black Raymond Mill in productivity, efficiency, investment costs, maintenance costs, etc. all have outstanding advantages. It makes available sebang industrial milling machines more sophisticated and specialized product lines, more Grinding Machine industry has brought new opportunities for development, I believe it will with its unique properties and advantages to become the optimal choice of many customers.

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